Institute of Tea Research (ITR, CAAS)

Source: Department of International Cooperation of CAAS   Author:     Views:     Published: 2012-05-02

The Institute of Tea Research (ITR), CAAS is the only national comprehensive institute for tea research in China. Research fields include: germplasm of tea plants, heredity, breeding, crop physiology, control of pesticides residue, tea chemistry, processing and development of new tea products and the extraction and application of natural components of tea. TRI has become the national innovation and information center of tea sciences with a full range of research disciplines, sstrong technical human resources and improved research facilities and equipments.

There are about 170 employees working in ITR. Among them 130 are research staff, one third of which have senior titles as professor or associate professor. One academician from the Chinese Academy of Engineering also works here.

Quality Green Tea Clones

Juhuachun Hanlü
Biyun Longjing Changye

New Production Technology

ITR has developed a range of new tea products, such as granulated green tea, ultra-fine green tea powder (<300 mesh), decaffeinated tea (caffeine content <1%), GABA-Tea (γ-amino butyric acid content >300 mg/100g) and special tea with healthy functions of reducing blood glucose.

 Black and green teas rich in GABA

Extraction and application of polyphenol and other natural tea components

ITR has developed China’s first technique to extract and purify natural components such as polyphenol from tea, and has successfully developed and examined the technique to isolate and prepare tea polyphenols.

Products of tea polyphenols
Production technology of highly-fragrant and cold water-solutable instant tea & concentrated tea juice

The new products, highly-fragrant and cold water-soluble instant teas and concentrated tea juice were recently developed by ITR through employing new techniques of low temperature extraction and combination of membrane and enzyme. The processing of raw materials (green tea) was accordingly modified and improved to meet the special requirements for production. The new technology well solved the problems of weak aroma and weak solubility found in most instant teas. 

Instant green tea Production line of instant tea designed by ITR
Fresh leaf storing equipment Processing line of new tea products