Institute of Agro-food Science and Technology (IAST, CAAS)

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The Institute of Agro-Food Science and Technology (IAST), CAAS, as the only national research institute on agro-food processing, the Institute carries on the missions of developing agro-food processing science and technology, converting technological achievements, cultivating senior research talents, organizing domestic scientific research cooperation, carrying out international collaboration and providing consultation service on agro-food processing policy, etc. Focusing on the basic research, the Institute promotes high-technology and core-technology development, technology integration and maturation, products development, and set standards in order to solve the fundamental problems in agro-food processing. As the best team in agro-food processing in China, the Institute leads the development trend of agro-food science and technology, and at the same time serves the industry.

At present, the Institute has laboratories on Cereals and Oils Processing & Functional Food, Fruit and Vegetable Processing, Meat Processing, Dairy Processing, Agro-Food Preservation and Logistics, and Agro-Food Processing Quality and Safety. Besides these laboratories, the Institute has 3 first-level disciplines, namely Agro-Food Processing Technology and Engineering, Agro-Food Preservation and Logistics, and Agro-Food Processing Quality and Safety. The Institute has set up two doctoral programs on Agro-Food Processing Quality and Safety, and on Biophysics, two graduate programs on Agro-Food Preservation and Logistics, and on Food Science, and one master degree on agriculture extension focusing on the Agro-Food Processing Quality and Safety.

Furthermore, the Institute enjoys several national platforms such as the Comprehensive Key Laboratory of Agro-Food Processing, the Ministry of Agriculture, National Research and Development Center on Agro-Product Processing Technology, Quality Supervision, Inspection and Test Center of Irradiated Products, and the Ministry of Agriculture.

The Institute now has 105 on-the-job staff members, including 88 scientists and technicians, among whom there are 3 experts enjoying special allowance of the State Council, 15 professors, 20 associate professors, 9 doctoral supervisors, 16 MA student supervisors, 34 doctoral degree holders and 2 innovation teams of CAAS level.

IAST is home to The Sino-Argentina Food Science and Technology Research Center,the Sino-Canada and Sino-Japanese Cooperation Platforms. Besides the construction of these international cooperation platforms, the institute also builds and enhances the cooperation with Germany, Britain, South Korea, Italy, Australia, Japan and IAEA.

IAST organizes the national research collaboration, and hosts “National Forum for the Directors of Agro-Food Processing Institutes” and “Social Club of Agro-Food Processing Institutes in China”. The institute also co-constructs disciplines and research centers with enterprises, other institutes and universities.

IAST has already developed advanced technologies on agro-Food processing, such as the technology of texturized soy protein by high moisture extrusion,new-type technologies on explosion puffing drying (non-frying) for fruits and vegetables at variable temperature and pressure difference, key techniques on peanut functional oligo-peptides preparation, key techniques on yeast β¬-glucans preparation, sweet potato protein processing technology, technology of whole nutritional beverage made by coarse grain and bean, comprehensive utilization of wheat bran and germ, processing technology of cooling mutton, technology of extended-shelf-life milk processing, technology of germinated brown rice and its products, etc. The research achievements have won several national and provincial awards, including National Science and Technology Progress Award, China Shennong Award, National Commercial Science and Technology Progress Award, Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology Innovation Award, Science and Technology Achievements Award in CAAS, etc.

Institute of Agro-food Science & Technology, CAAS

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