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Biotechnology Research Institute (BRI)

Source: Department of International Cooperation of CAAS

Biotechnology Research Institute (BRI), CAAS was founded in 1986. It is the only non-profit research institute focusing on frontier basic and applied agro-biotechnology in China. The Institute covers eight research fields: plant genetic engineering, plant molecular biology for stress-resistance, plant nutrition and metabolic engineering, plant functional genomics, gene expression & bioreactor, agro-microbial genetic engineering, environmental microbial genetic engineering and biosafety on GMOs. The institute has 90 employees, including 1 Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 15 professors and 32 associate professors.


Transgenic Bt Cotton

Cloning of genes encoding defense signal elements GbNPR1, GbRar1, GbRac1 and GbSgt1 from Gossypium barbadense

Food Safety and Environmental Risk Assessment--GMO Detection Kit
GM Crops with Enhanced Disease Resistance
Transgenic rice with Xa21 gene, highly resistant to Xanthomonas oryzae, pv.Oryzae
Transgenic banana, resistant to panama disease