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China Agricultural Science and Technology Press (CASTP)

Source: Department of International Cooperation of CAAS

The China Agricultural Scientech Press, established in 1985, is a national-level press agency administrated by MOA and affiliated to CAAS. It mainly publishes books on agricultural science and technology. Relying on the advantages of CAAS and keeping the right publishing orientation, the Press takes the following responsibilities: popularizing agricultural S&T knowledge, promoting rural economic development, increasing farmers’ income, improving teaching quality in specialized secondary school and institutions of higher learning in agriculture, and promoting innovation in agricultural science and technology. With joint efforts of its staff, the Press has gradually created a atmosphere of unity and progress, pooled strong scientech resources including special disciplines, authors and readers, developed a comprehensive editing, publication, and marketing system. All the work has made outstanding contributions to scientific research and teaching in agriculture, to the development of China’s agriculture, rural areas and farmers.

Honorable Titles

The Press has been awarded honorable titles of Excellent National Press, Leading National Publication and Distribution Unit for Agriculture, Rural Area and Farmers by the General Administration of Press and Publication of the People’s Republic of China.

Publication and Prize

Up till now, the China Agricultural Scientech Press has fully tapped into both the domestic and foreign resources and markets, formed a comprehensive agricultural publication system that relies mainly on domestic books and is supplemented by imported foreign books, created three brands of book series, namely “Modern Agricultural Scientech Monograph”, “Rural Area Practical Technology”, and “Popular Science for Farmers”, and won in succession national-level prizes, such as the China Book Award, the National Award for Excellent Scientech Books, and the National Award for Excellent Popular Science Works.