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Nanjing Institute of Agricultural Mechanization, Ministry of Agriculture (NIAM, CAAS)

Nanjing Institute of Agricultural Mechanization, Ministry of Agriculture

Nanjing Institute for Agriculture Mechanization, Ministry of Agriculture---NIAM in short---, was set up in 1957. It is located at the south of the Zhong Shan Scene Area in Nanjing City with a long history in China and occupies the space of 12 ha including over 50,000 sq. m. of building acreage. There is 232 staff in the institute. Of which, there are 19 researchers, 56senior engineers.

Through the construction for over 40 years, NIAM has formed five predominant subjects --- crop protection machinery engineering; agricultural product processing engineering; water saving and protective tillage engineering; industrial agriculture engineering; and development & studying on agricultural mechanization etc.

NIAM has established The Quality Monitoring & Test Center of the National Crop Protection Equipment; Crop Protection Opening Lab, Ministry of Agriculture; NIAM Inspecting Center; Ministerial Test Center of Monitoring and Inspecting for the Quality of Crop Protection and Cleaning Machinery; Test Center in the Field of Machine Industry for Tillage Machinery Product‘s Quality and Inspection; Ministerial Test Center of Quality and Inspection for Micro-type Generator; Ministerial Southern Seed Processing Engineering Technology Center ;and Ministerial Nanjing Design Institute etc.

In 2004, Having got the approval by the Ministry of Agriculture, NIAM has established Agricultural Engineering Technology Center, China Academy of Agriculture, in order to approach the new route combing the agricultural engineering technology with economy, to strengthen the media link transferring the S & T fruits to be productive forces ; to drive the integration or matching engineering fruits to radiate, transfer and disseminate; and to promote the growing up of agricultural engineering technology industry and the upgrading the reform for traditional industry.

Since its set up, NIAM has got 1,300 items of various scientific and studying fruits;over 160 items of various S & T rewards, including over 120 items of rewards in the national , ministerial and provincial levels ,as well as near 100 items of national patents in invention or practical new types. NIAM has kept in touch with S&T units of many countries or regions in the world for technical communication, and has got higher reputation in the field of agricultural engineering technology. The aim of development: Based on scientific research and social service, motivated by industrial exploitation and management innovation, NIAM optimizes its structure and widens fields with the combination of scientific research, industrial development and social service. Depending on the market in Jiangsu Province and gearing to the needs of the whole country, NIAM is taking efforts to build itself as the agricultural engineering technology center in domestic innovation as well as international cooperation and communication, in South industrial developing as well as internal technicians training.