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Sericultural Research Institute (SRI)

Sericultural Research Institute, CAAS was founded in Zhenjiang City in 1951 by the integration of former Zhejiang Sericultural Experimental Station, Wuxi and Zhenjiang Sericultural Experimental Stations, East China Fabric Research Institute and former Department of Sericulture of Nanjing Central Agricultural Experimental Institute. It was given the present name in 1957.

  • Collection, evaluation, reservation and utilization of silkworm and mulberry germplasm;
  • Breeding of silkworm and mulberry varieties;
  • Pests and diseases control technology for silkworm and mulberry;
  • Technology system of high-yield and quality mulberry cultivation and high-efficient silkworm rearing;
  • R&D of mulberry seedlings, mulberry leaves, silkworm and cocoons etc.
  • Standard and technology for quality test of silkworm and mulberry byproducts.


The institute has published a total of more than 3000 papers and 50 monographs and symposia. It has accomplished over 300 scientific achievements and more than 90 prizes including 16 national prizes such as the National Prize for Invention and the National Prize for S&T Progress.