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Invitation:Conference on Smallholders and Poverty Alleviation in the Asia-Pacific Region,October 29-31, 2018,Beijing, China

Source: Institute of Agricultural Economics and Development

As it comes to the 40th Anniversary of China’s reform and opening up, against the backdrop of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way and the deepening of Poverty Alleviation Initiatives, the Institute of Agricultural Economics and Development of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) will hold a Conference on "Smallholders and Poverty Alleviation" in the Asia-Pacific region, which will take place from October 29 to 31, 2018 in Beijing, China. 

China's poverty alleviation efforts have achieved remarkable results, but there are still new difficulties and challenges. In order to share experiences in the field of poverty alleviation, this conference will focus on how to effectively combine government promotion with the endogenous incentives of smallholders to improve the effectiveness of poverty alleviation, in the hope of forming theoretical results and countermeasures that will help promote the development of poverty reduction in the Asia Pacific region. The relevant information of this conference is hereby notified as followed:

1. Theme of the conference 

Under the background of China's poverty-alleviation efforts, combining the small-scale farmers' development and poverty alleviation practices in the Asia-Pacific region, the focus will be on improving the ability of smallholders to survive and develop, especially on the experiences and frontiers of smallholders' development and poverty reduction in various countries.

Main topics:

  • Factors, transmission mechanism and performance affecting small-scale farmers' poverty reduction.
  • The impact of agricultural modernization on small-scale farmers and its response.
  • Agricultural productive services and poverty reduction for small farmers.
  • Basic rural public services and poverty reduction for small farmers.
  • China's agricultural policy and plan for small-scale poverty reduction.
  • Comparison of the differences in the national or regional differences between the development of small-scale farmers in Asia and the Pacific and poverty reduction.

2. Time and Place
Time: October 29-31, 2018.
Venue: Beijing Friendship Hotel.
Address: No. 1, Zhongguancun South Street, Haidian District, Beijing.
Tel: 0086-10-68498888

3. Schedule
October 29, 2018: Check in.
October 30-31, 2018: Seminars.
Conference language: English.
The conference plans to invite 100 experts and scholars, home and abroad, on poverty reduction and smallholder development to join this event.

4. Funding

  • The conference does not charge any conference fees.
  • Chinese participants are responsible for the respective travel expenses and accommodation incurred by participating the conference.
  • The conference shall provide the accommodation and the travel expense for one participant from each of the following countries in Asia-Pacific Region, including Chile, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Papua New Guinea,The Philippines,Peru,Russia,Thailand,and Viet Nam.

5. Contacts 
(1) Participation feedback: Please send the participation answer form to the conference group email before August 15, 2018.
(2) Submission for contributed papers (indicating the author, company, and contact information): Please send the conference paper to the conference group email before August 15, 2018: apec-spa2018@caas.cn
(3) Contact us
Institute of Agricultural Economics and Development, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences:

Dr. Qu: 0086-10-82106702
Mr. Ding: 0086-18813029054
The conference group email: apec-spa2018@caas.cn

Institute of Agricultural Economics and Development (IAED)
Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS)
June 11, 2018