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Collection of Open Fund of Key Laboratory of Quality & Safety Control for Milk and Dairy Products, Ministry of Agriculture (2018)

Source: Institute of Animal Sciences

I. Introduction of the laboratory

Key Laboratory of Quality & Safety Control for Milk and Dairy Products, Ministry of Agriculture (abbreviated to ‘key lab’ below), is one of the new key labs warranted by China's Ministry of Agriculture in 2017. Its main research direction concentrates on quality and safety inspection and process control for milk and dairy products, containing: 1) Detection and analysis technologies of multiple risk factors and bioactive substances, 2) Mechanism exploration of functional consequences and related influencing elements, 3) Control technologies of quality and safety in the course of production, processing, storage and transportation.

II. General principles for application

With an idea of ‘open, communication, association, competition’, the key lab sets up the open funds for domestic and foreign researchers to conduct relevant scientific projects, which can promote the utilization of facilities in the key lab platform, and what’s more, provide opportunities for academic exchanges for those persons having desires on dairy science study.


The persons, who already possess Ph.D degree, senior title, or the masters acquiring intermediate title, are eligible to apply the funds, which mainly surround food science and technology, or in the area of quality and safety of milk and dairy products.

The application manual is published every one or two years. As per a principle of fair competition and open selection, the specialists of organizational academic committee are called to evaluate each application program independently and objectively to decide which qualified.

III. Examination and approval

The period of open funds lasts two years generally. The approval date is regarded as the initial time and the each fund is 50,000 RMB. The study progress report and concluding report should be submitted to supporting institution on schedule. Any published research finding should be annotated the funds source and overall name of key lab.

1. Applicants can download application form from website and fill in detailed content, and submit it to the email address jiaqiwang@vip.163.com before Nov 30th, 2017.

Please notice down below that certain persons would fail to apply the funds:
(1) The application procedures are not intact or the writing format does not conform to requirement.
(2) Exceed the designated ambit of the funds.
(3) Do not have competent ability to implement the study.

2. All of the reviews will be finished in three months after application closing time. The list of fund gainers will be pronounced by then. If anyone has dissidence or doubt, please contact the director office to make reassessment.

IV. Management and use of funds

1. The management of funds strictly obeys relevant regulations of Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Finance and Institute of Animal Sciences of CAAS. All of the budgets are exclusively used for anticipated proposals.
2. The funds can be explicitly applied in specific items below:
(1) Direct expenses consumed in sample preparation, processing, testing and material costs, etc.
(2) Traveling and accommodation costs regarding related scientific explore.
3. At the end of project, applicants should deliver an executive report and financial report. If any surplus fund remains till end of February in the following year, it won’t be transferred to other projects and will be returned back to original institution.
4. The funds won’t be allotted to any individual account and will be only allowed to be used in special accounts of public unit.
5. The funds can’t be used to purchase laboratory apparatuses, notebooks, and any other fixed assets.
6. The funds can’t be used as any form of private service charge.

V. Implementation and summary conclusion

1. All of research achievements funded by the key lab, whose intellectual property are owned by the key lab. The author’s first affiliation should be named by ‘Ministry of Agriculture Key Laboratory of Quality & Safety Control for Milk and Dairy Products, Institute of Animal Science, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing 100193, P. R. China’ in English. Part of research findings funded by the key lab or cooperated with other institution(s), the key lab is suggested to sign for the first affiliation, but the second signature unit is also accepted.

2. After completing the open projects, the project directors need to fill out the final concluding report. In addition, the directors are required to submit “summary report of open subject funding” and electronic version of academic papers to the laboratory within three months. Laboratory academic experts’ panel will review the completion status of the open projects, and issue the results on the laboratory website. Materials submitted to the laboratory include:
(1) Summary of research work and research reports.
(2) A list of academic papers that have been published and plan to publish. Published papers (if the paper has been accepted, the letter of acceptance need to be attached), (if no papers have been published) the manuscripts that have been submitted or close to the submission status, (if the paper still in progress) are equivalent to the first draft of the research report.
(3) A copy of the certificate of patent and award.

3. Those persons or groups fulfilling subjects well will have priority to obtain the funds in the next round (need to fill out another new application sheet).

VI Supplementary provisions
1. Aforementioned instructions come into force from Oct 1st, 2017.
2. The right to interpret belongs to Key Laboratory of Quality & Safety Control for Milk and Dairy Products, Ministry of Agriculture.

By Gao Bingqing