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Job Opening at the Oil Crops Research Institute of CAAS

Source: Oil Crops Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Announcement for Employing Outstanding Young Scientists

The Oil Crops Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (OCRI-CAAS) was established in 1960 and is sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture. As a national research institution, OCRI-CAAS has rapeseed, soybean, peanut, sesame and other special oilseed plants as its mandate crops with a mission to conduct basic and applied research which can promote development of oilseed industry. The current research themes at OCRI-CAAS include crop germplasm, genetics and breeding, genomics, genetic engineering, plant physiology, plant nutrition and fertilization, plant protection, safety assessment of transgenic plants, biochemistry, product processing, and quality safety management for oil crops. The institute is the only national research agency throughout the country specialized for oil crops with complementary disciplines. In the recent comprehensive evaluation of more than 1000 agricultural research institutions in China for the period of 2006-2010, OCRI-CAAS was among the top three best ones. In 2013, OCRI-CAAS was appointed as a member institute for the Scientific Innovation Program of CAAS supported by the central government. In order to accelerate the scientific innovation and promotion of OCRI-CAAS into a modern institution with international level, we are announcing research job positions for employing outstanding young scientists working on various disciplines.

Research Positions and Fields 
Research Position Research Fields
Rapeseed geneticist/breeder Crop genetics and breeding, molecular biology
Soybean geneticist/breeder Crop genetics and breeding, molecular biology
Peanut geneticist/breeder Molecular biology, genomics
Sesame geneticist/breeder Crop genetics and breeding, molecular biology, genomics
Crop germplasm scientist Crop genetics and breeding, molecular biology, bioinformatics
Crop physiologist Plant stress response mechanism, plant growth regulation
Plant nutrition scientist Plant nutrition and fertilization
Plant pathologist Plant pathologist, molecular biology, pesticide application and management
Plant genomics scientist Molecular biology, genetics, plant pathology
Genetic engineering and GMO safety assessment scientist Molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics
Quality safety scientist Statistic chemistry, material chemistry, immunochemistry, analytic chemistry, phytopathology, risk assessment
Food nutrition scientist Biochemistry, food nutrition, lipidomics, lipid metabolism in microorganism, enzymology, mechanization and automatics

Qualifications Required
1. The applicant must possess a PhD degree and is less than 40 years old.
2. The applicant must have desirable knowledge and laboratory skills and must be familiar with the recent global progress and tendency in his or her research field(s). Meanwhile, he or she must have undertaken and completed related research project(s) as principal investigator or core collaborator with desirable achievements.
3. The applicant should have published research papers in international journal as the first author. Among his or her first author papers published, at least one paper must be in a journal with an IF over 10 and the total IF must be over 30. Alternatively, the applicant must possess important innovation(s) or key techniques.
4. The applicant must be able to work in OCRI-CAAS in Wuhan during the whole contract period except for holidays.

Proposed Supports and Payment
1. Each qualified young scientist will be supported with research fund of three million yuan (RMB) (about 500,000 US$) and facility cost of one million yuan (about 167,000 US$). Necessary office, laboratory and assistants will be provided by OCRI-CAAS.
2. The qualified scientist will be employed as a professor (4th class).
3. The qualified young scientist will enjoy the salary, boons and medical care as a professor. Besides, he or she will receive a special allowance of 100,000 yuan annually. A house around 140 square meters or equivalent subsidy will be provided. Job opportunity or living subsidy for his or her spouse will be arranged if necessary.

Application Procedures
1. The applicant should prepare an application form(see the attached form) and provide a comprehensive resume, photocopy of diploma certificate, representative papers and awards which could reflect the applicant’s academic achievements. Two reference letters from related experts will be needed along with the references’ contact information.
2. Interview and comprehensive evaluation of qualified candidates will be arranged. For each position, the duties and objectives will be determined according to concerned regulations and negotiation with individual research or administrative staff. The interviewing dates and means will be announced based on the primary selection of candidates.
3. The qualified candidate(s) successfully passed the interview will be announced forquarreling, and will be formally employed if no substantial dispute is received.
4. The first phase of the employment is five years starting from signing the contract. When the first phase is over, a comprehensive evaluation of the employee will be conducted and those who have well implemented the contract will be provided with permanent research positions in the institute.

Contact Address
1. Mailing address:
Department of Human Resource
Oil Crops Research Institute
Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Wuhan, Hubei, 430062

2. Contact person:
Ms Hanzhi Zhang
Phone: +86-27-86711620
Fax; +86-27-86816451
Email: rsc@oilcrops.cn

3. For more information,please visit: www.oilcrops.cn

Posted on: July 18, 2013

Oil Crops Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
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