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Job Openning at the Tobacco Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences


Tobacco Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Announcement of Research Positions as Chief Scientists and Group Leaders

The Tobacco Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (TRI-CAAS), founded in 1958, is the only national research agency in China specialized for tobacco agricultural sciences with complementary disciplines. In order to promote scientific innovation and to accelerate the process of TRI-CAAS in becoming one of the world-class agricultural research institutions, we now announce the availability of multiple research positions as Chief Scientists and Group Leaders under the Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Program (ASTIP).

Research Positions and Fields

Tobacco genetics and breeding: tobacco germplasm, breeding for higher quality and better disease resistance

Tobacco functional genomics: evaluation and utilization of tobacco mutants, gene regulation of tobacco quality traits, axillary bud development, and leaf senescence

Tobacco physiology and cultivation: nutrient physiology and fertilization, growth and metabolism, harmfulness reduction of tobacco products, tobacco processing

Quality and safety evaluation of tobacco products: risk assessment of exogenous and endogenous hazardous substances in tobacco products

Special crops and plant functional ingredients: research and utilization of functional ingredients from tobacco and other Solanaceae species

Technology system of modern agriculture in tobacco growing areas: tobacco evolution and natural resources in tobacco growing areas in China, high efficiency cultivation techniques in mountainous regions, agricultural mechanization and its intelligentization, information technology in tobacco growing areas

Green pest control: population differentiation and variation of major agricultural pests, green pest control technology, marine bioactive substances

One Chief Scientist and multiple Group Leader positions are available in each of the 7 research fields

Salary and Support

Chief Scientist: based on qualification, the proposed annual salary of a Chief Scientist is 600,000 RMB Yuan ($98,000 USD). A Chief Scientist will also be supported with a start-up fund of two million RMB Yuan ($326,800 USD) with necessary lab space and equipments. TRI-CAAS will provide a 100-square-meter transition apartment and 500,000 RMB Yuan ($81,700 USD) settling-in allowance and will help find a job for a spouse.

Group Leader: Salary and support for a group leader will be will be commensurate with experience.

Candidates supported by the “Youth Elite Project” of CAAS or any other talent program in China will have the corresponding benefits and support.

Job Requirements

Basic qualifications
The candidates should have a strong sense of professionalism and integrity, be innovative with team spirit.
The candidates should also have a global vision with a strong professional background and achievements in the related fields, as well as strong communication skills.

Chief Scientist
A senor, professor-rank title is required for domestic applicants. Priority will be given to academicians, member of Recruitment Program of Global Experts, the National Outstanding Youth, “Hundred Talents Program" person of Chinese Academy of Sciences, "Yangtze River Scholar", and other distinguished professors. Domestic applicants should be under 55 years of age.
Oversea candidates should have an incumbent associate professor or a title of similar rank and under 45 years of age. Oversea candidates under 40 years old who have a doctorate degree from one of the world’s prestigious universities and 5 or more years’ working experience and strong academic background will also be considered for a Chief Scientist position.

Group Leader
For domestic applicants an associate professor-rank title is required. For candidates from overseas, a doctorate degree from one of the world’s prestigious universities and postdoctoral experience are required.
The candidates should have desirable knowledge and laboratory skills and be familiar with the recent global progress and tendency in related research field(s). Three or more years’ working experience and at least 3 first author publications in high profile journals in the related field(s) are required. Priority will be given to candidates supported by the “Youth Elite Project” of CAAS.

Job Responsibilities

Chief Scientist
1) To develop and implement strategic plans for the development of the related research direction, and to provide leadership in disciplinary construction and team building.
2) To apply for and conduct research projects from the major scientific programs supported by the central government.
3) To play a leading role in scientific innovation, reflected by significant scientific achievements such as publications in high profile journals.
4) To promote scientific exchanges, collaborations and networking, both in China and internationally.

Group Leader
To conduct innovative research under the oversight of the Chief Scientist, be responsible for the implementation of research projects and providing supervision for young researchers and graduate students.

Application Procedure

The applicants should complete an application form (see the attachments) and provide a comprehensive resume, photocopies of persona identification documents, diploma certificates, employment certificates, a complete list of publications, awards and research funding and other documents that could reflect the applicant’s academic achievements. Two reference letters from experts in the related field are needed along with the references’ contact information.

Interviews will be arranged for qualified candidates. The interview presentation is expected to include personal experience, scientific achievements, and future plans for the position applied.

Applications and relevant materials should be submitted by September 10, 2013.

Contract of Employment
Fulltime employment with working contracts signed every 5 years.

Contact Information

Tao Zhao
11 Keyuanjingsi Road, Laoshan District
Qingdao, Shandong, China 266101
Email: ycszhc@caas.cn
Telephone: 0532-88701030
Fax: 0532-88702056
For more information see www.tric.cn

Posted on: August 26, 2013