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38 Foreign Students Graduate This Summer

Source: Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

On 6th July 2016, 38 international students got their tassels turned in the graduation ceremony of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. This important academic event was held in the Auditorium of National Agricultural Library of CAAS.

“Learning doesn’t stop after graduation, and it doesn’t stop after finishing Masters or Doctors. It is a process that gives us choices in future”, in a conversation during the ceremony said Eliamoni T. Lyatuu, a native Tanzanian who has just finished his PhD program at the Agricultural Information Institute (AII-CAAS), “the mind becomes open and the curiosity of solving more problems in the agriculture won’t stop as long as the food remains as a necessity for human being”, he added.

“The development of China’s agricultural science and technology is experiencing rapid growth, and CAAS, as a national level agricultural research institute, is extending warm welcome and will continue to welcome all international elites who are interested in furthering their study in the field of agriculture in China”, said professor Luo Changfu, vice president of the Graduate School.

Congratulations 2016 Graduates!
By Zhang Chun