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Sino-Finland Academic Session of Dairy Healthy Breeding and Diffused Pollution Control in Agriculture in Erhai Catchment convoked in Dali

Source: Agro-Environmental Protection Institute, Ministry of Agriculture

Sino-Finland Academic Session of Dairy Healthy Breeding and Diffused Pollution Control in Agriculture in Erhai Catchment was held in National Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation and Integration Demonstration Base for Diffused Pollution Monitoring and Control Technology (Dali Scientific Observing and Experimental Station of Agro-Environment, Ministry of Agriculture) from March 22 to 24 in 2017. Ms. Jutta Johanna Kauppi, Vice President of Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE),Mr.Zhen Zhong, Director from State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (Safea) , Mr. Guoliang Zhang, secretary of CPC Committee of Agro-Environmental Protection Institute, MOA (AEPI, MOA ) participated in the session and made speeches. More than 20 representatives from Hubei Agro-Ecological Environmental Protection Station, Jiangsu Agricultural Academy of Science, Nanshan Farm in Chengbu of Hunan and Beijing Shengda Rongjing Scientific Tech Co. Ltd took part in the session.

Fig.1 Luke delegation visited Dali station

Zhen Zhong spoke highly of the achievements of Sino-Finland cooperative research. He indicated that there are still arduous tasks for diffused pollution prevention and control in agriculture. To address these issues, he hoped that both sides could work together on win-win station to promote the development of the base, making it a platform and setting good examples for demonstrating and transferring high tech.

Jutta pointed out the cooperative prospect between Finland and China was vast. Stable scientific platform was established via joint endeavor for many years. Nowadays global agriculture inclined to the innovative development of bio-economy and agricultural economy. She hoped that both of scientific researchers could mutually create Dali station and dairy farm, serving the enterprises, and providing tech and policy support for bilateral governments.

Guoliang Zhang stated the development of Chinese agriculture is stepping on a new phase in which food safety,ecological cycling and environmental protection are given equal importance. He hoped both sides could enlarge and deepen the Sino-Finland international strategic cooperation, to introduce, localize and demonstrate Finnish advanced experience, tech and facilities on environmental protection in Dali Station through substantial efforts.

Experts from two countries fully exchanged views on issues of environmental-friendly livestock house design, manure collection and storage, N and P nutrients management, and identified cooperative priorities on the dairy shed design and formulation, whole chain wastes management as well as nutrients management under growing-breeding combination. The two sides also agree to strengthen the cooperation between scientific academies and enterprises.

Fig.2 Scene of Dali session
After the meeting, participants also visited Dali GanTong Dairy Farm and Yunnan Huangshi Laisier Dairy Industrial Co., LTD.

Fig.3 Finnish delegation visited processing enterprise of dairy products in Dali

By Zhao Run