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Int'l Cooperation Update


CAAS Partnered New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia for Cooperation in Agricultural Science and Technology

Source: Department of International Cooperation



At the invitation of the New Zealand National Academy of Agricultural Sciences; Massey University; the Australian Natural Resources Management South (NRM South); University of Tasmania; the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Indonesia; and the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), Prof. Tang Huajun, President of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) visited the above research agencies with a delegation from CAAS from November 22nd to December 1st, 2017. The delegation opened up official cooperation between CAAS and the New Zealand National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Massey University, Australian National Natural Resources Council, University of Tasmania and the Indonesian National Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the CIFOR. The existing cooperation between CAAS and the above-mentioned units in the field of sustainable development of agriculture and the environment, the building of a veterinary joint laboratory platform and joint personnel training was promoted. The visit also helped the technical achievements represented by veterinary drugs and vaccines go global, harvesting the signing of seven MoUs.



During the visit and discussion, the delegation also gained an in-depth understanding of the respective measures taken by the three countries in setting up the scientific research system, layout and the management mechanism reform in response to the global agricultural challenges, the scientific support provided by national level scientific research institutes to the nation’s industry development and restructuring, scientific research and industrial development evaluation system, and support and division of labor contributed by government and businesses. New results and developments in the sense of original agricultural innovation and the priority requirements for initiating collaboration with China in the agricultural sector were also among the query for understanding.

The delegation also held talks with Chinese students studying in University of Tasmania and Massey University in New Zealand, introduced the overall situation of CAAS and its discipline setting, output of scientific research and project planning for young talents, hoping that they would exert their intelligence after finishing their study back to China.

Mr. Li Hongtao, First Secretary of Science and Technology at the Embassy of China in New Zealand, Mr. Sun Weide, Chargé d'affaires ad Interim at the Embassy of China in Indonesia, and Mr. Xie Chengsuo, First Secretary of Science and Technology, accompanied the delegation in the related activities and exchanged views with the delegation.

Relevant personnel from the General Office, Department of International Cooperation, Institute of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning, Institute of Animal Sciences as well as Harbin Veterinary Research Institute of CAAS accompanied the visit.



By Chen Tianjin