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Int'l Cooperation Update


The China Agricultural Sector Development Report 2020 released at 2020 China and Global Agricultural Policy Forum held in Beijing

Source: Institute of Agricultural Economics and Development

On June 3, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) and the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) co-organized the 2020 China and Global Agricultural Policy Forum in Beijing. The China Agricultural Sector Development Report 2020 (CASDR) and 2020 Global Food Policy Report were released by CAAS and IFPRI at the forum, respectively.



Dr. Tang Huajun, President of CAAS, pointed out that “San Nong” (agriculture, rural areas and farmers) plays irreplaceable roles not only for stable production and supply of important agricultural products, but also social stability and the battle against COVID-19. “It’s our crucial responsibilities to maintain ‘San Nong’ as development strategy, to improve agriculture competitiveness, to lay a solid foundation for agriculture, and make up for the shortcomings in the field of "agriculture, rural areas, and farmers" with arduous tasks ” He said.



Dr. Johan Swinnen, Director General of IFPRI, emphasized that inclusive food systems play an important role in all aspects and are essential for creating better economic opportunities for the poor, mitigating the effects of climate change and inspiring innovation. “We need an inclusive food system more than ever, with the global spread of COVID-19.” He added.



Dr. Mei Xurong, Vice President of CAAS released the China Agricultural Sector Development Report 2020. The CASDR reviews the important events in 2019 that affect agricultural industry and assesses the competitiveness of China’s agricultural industry from the perspectives of total factor productivity, international trade and production cost. The report provides studies on the impact of COVID-19 on China’s agriculture and farmers’ income; research on the recovering of pig production capacity and its main influencing factors; and simulations of the impact of fall armyworm on China’s corn industry in 2020. Moreover, the report predicts that China's grain output will reach 670 million tons this year, which will provide strong support for achieving the economic and social development goals for 2020.



Dr. Fan Shenggen, former Director General of IFPRI, released the 2020 Global Food Policy Report. The report highlights the central role that inclusive food systems play in meeting global goals to end poverty, hunger, and malnutrition, and offers recommendations for making food systems more inclusive for four marginalized groups - smallholders, women, youth, and conflict-affected people. The report also provides analysis on transforming national food system in several countries like Bangladesh and Ethiopia, and advice on development of food system in different regions worldwide.


Special guests are invited, including Mr. Chen Xiaohua from the CPPCC, Mr. Zhang Hongyu from Tsinghua University, Mr. He Xiurong from China Agricultural University, Mr. Ye Xingqing from the Development Research Center of the State Council and Mr. Jiang Changyun from the Institute of Industrial and Technical Economics, National Development and Reform Commission, to give their comments at the forum. Representatives of related organizations such as the FAO, the WFP, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs also participated in this event on site.


This forum was held both on-site and online for the first time, in Chinese and English simultaneously, attracting more than 4,000 audiences online, including experts and scholars from all over the world.




By Han Xinru (hanxinru@caas.cn)