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CAAS Established the Center for International Agricultural Research

Source: Agricultural Information Institute

On January 21, the Center for International Agricultural Research (CIAR) of CAAS was launched, aiming to provide scientific and technological support for Chinese agricultural “Going-Out”.

CIAR is commissioned to carry out follow-up studies on domestic and international key issues and technologies in the foreign agricultural development, the instant response study on hot spot issues, provide decision-making references for government in formulating the globalization strategies of agricultural industry, and offer information and consulting services for the agricultural enterprises and industrial organizations.

CIAR will serve as an international agricultural S&T cooperation platform focusing on national agricultural “Going-Out” strategy and “Belt and Road” initiative relying on its predominant S&T and innovation strength of CAAS. To boost China’s agricultural “going abroad”, extensive collaborations will roll out with priority countries and regions with rich agricultural resources, huge agricultural production potential, domestic political stability and clear plans of international agricultural cooperation, including China’s neighboring countries and regions in Asia and those from Africa, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, etc.

CIAR has now combed through 15 advanced and applicable technologies for the agricultural “Going-Out” this year, which will contribute the agricultural development and people's livelihood improvement in developing countries.


By Huang Jiaqi