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Disciplinary Clusters


Disciplinary Clusters


Research and policy work at the Academy cover a broad range of topics that have been categorized as eight disciplinary clusters, 134 focused fields, and 309 research focuses. The eight disciplinary clusters include crop science, horticulture science, animal science, veterinary medicine, agricultural resources and environment, agricultural mechanization and engineering, agro-product quality, safety and processing, and agricultural information and economics.

Disciplinary Cluster Disciplines (not comprehensive)
Crop Science  crop germplasm resources
 crop genetics and breeding
 crop molecular biology
 crop cultivation and physiology
 crop molecular breeding
 crop functional genomics
 crop proteomics
 crop metabonomics
 and 14 others
 Horticulture Science  vegetable germplasm resources and breeding
 vegetable molecular biology
 vegetable cultivation and ecophysiology
 flower germplasm resource and genetic breeding
 fruit germplasm resource and breeding
 fruit cultivation and ecophysiology
 tea germplasm resource and genetic breeding
 tea cultivation and ecophysiology
 special and economically important crops
 and two others
 Animals Science  animal resources and genetic breeding
 animal biotechnology and reproduction
 animal nutrition
 feed and feed additives
 forage resources and breeding
 feed biotechnology
 genetic resources and breeding of special animals
 pollinator biology
 insect pollination and ecology
 and four others
 Veterinary Science  animal immunobiology
 animal influenza
 swine infectious diseases
 poultry infectious diseases
 foot-and-mouth disease
 exotic diseases and fulminating infectious diseases
 parasitic diseases
 pet diseases and veterinary public health
 traditional Chinese veterinary medicine
 veterinary medicine engineering
 and six others
 Agricultural Resources and Environment  plant diseases
 insect pests
 weeds and rodents
 crop biosafety
 microbial resources and utilization
 agricultural meteorology
 dry land and water-efficient agriculture
 agricultural water resource safety and utilization
 soil sciences
 plant nutrition and fertilizer
 agricultural ecology
 agricultural environmental engineering
 agricultural environmental control and remediation
 agricultural environmental monitoring and evaluation
 nanometer agricultural technology
 agricultural region planning
 and nine others
 Agricultural Mechanization and Engineering  irrigation techniques and engineering
 farmland drainage techniques and engineering
 agricultural and forestry biomass transformation engineering
 biogas engineering
 cultivation machinery
 harvest machinery
 agro-product processing machinery
 plant protection and resource utilization machinery
 grassland machinery
 Agro-product Quality, Safety and Processing  agro-product quality and safety monitoring and evaluation
 agro-product risk precaution and evaluation
 process control of agro-product quality and safety
 agro-product quality and safety management
 food nutrition and safety
 agro-product processing
 quality and safety of agro-product processing
 agro-product preservation and logistics
 agro-product processing
 and 16 others
 Agricultural Information and Economics  agricultural information management
 agricultural information techniques
 agricultural information analysis
 agricultural remote sensing and information
 industrial economy and policies
 technical economics and policies
 agricultural product market and trade
 rural development and policies
 food nutrition strategies and policies